គេហៈទំព័រ NIE នៅពេលនេះស្ថិតនៅកំពុងសាងសង់។ គេហៈទំព័រនេះនិងបញ្ចប់ក្នុងពេលឆាប់ៗនេះ។

Welcome to National Institute of Education. Partnership is the key to development that we need to send the stuff to abroad to ensure the quality of human resource within NIE as well as to invite expert to help restore and develop NIE. The quality of training depends on the self-learning and shared teaching and assignment. Staff development is very important for NIE to keep track to the current state of sustainable development.In March the Teacher Across Border expert from the USA, Prof. Mill Kelly, came to conduct a workshop at NIE, which provide a useful modern knowledge relating to the use of ICT in teaching and learning. The workshop provide a topic of using blog to assist in teaching and learning among teachers and students,where the participants during the workshop includ-ed staff from NIE, some teacher trainee from NIE, and those from PUC too. . The knowledge from the workshop enable the participan-ts to make their own blog and embrace the new knowledge of using the blog to assist in their teaching, especially, in the mean of digital learning and distance learning. Through the use of blog teacher can store many sites and sources of useful documents including video and photos as documentary for the students search and refer to during their course. In addition, teacher can post home work or assignment for the students to do at anytime and anywhere.The environment of the workshop was smoothly cond-ucted and successfully achieved the objective, yet the internet service was quite slow which participants had not time to practice during the workshop. However, they had plenty of time to practice during the afternoon and evening at the interenet cafe in stead.

The Professor who lectured during the workshop was quite young, but in a very talented explaination and skillful background of using the blog in the content of teaching. We all participant hope to have such worksh-op providing more variety knowledge to the staff at NIE to be able to learn new knowledge and help to develop NIE to be more developed in the soon future.

I welcome any Cambodian or international supporters to join us at the National Institute of Education as we work together to build a strong higher educational system and human resource base for Cambodia. 


Director of NIE: Dr. Seang Sovanna


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