The Curriculum of Vocational Master Program for Upper-Secondary School Principals


  • Objectives of the Program

- Capacity development for the management teams or school principals in accordance with regional and international standards.

- Guidance to leadership and management toward effective school standards that ensure good academic results for students.

  • Credit Structure

The framework of this program includes 48 credits and is divided into:

  1. Eight modules equal 42 credits. These eight modules are selected in order to provide knowledge, skills, and important attitudes in the implementation of a career as a school principal.
  2. Thesis writing after the completion of the eight modules. All students are required to conduct research, implement the practicum, and write a thesis in order to provide the opportunity for students to learn and gain management experience from their respective schools. Students are required to write a thesis which equals 06 credits and defense the thesis to meet the program requirements.
  • Program Syllabus

Module 1: Thinking Skills and Innovation

Lesson 1.1: Philosophy of Education, Law, and Educational Policy

Lesson 1.2: Education Plans and Strategies

Lesson 1.3: Motivation: The Art of School Leadership and Management

Module 2: Result-Based School Management (1): Resource Management 

Lesson 2.1: The Management of Staff Performance

Lesson 2.2: The Management of Materials and Financial Resources

Lesson 2.3: The Management of School Projects and Programs

Module 3: Result-Based School Management (2): Promoting teaching and learning 

Lesson 3.1: Leading the Implementation and Improvement of the curriculum

Lesson 3.2: Creating Students Center-Based Learning Environment

Lesson 3.3: Monitoring, Improving, and Evaluating the Teachers’ Performance

Module 4: Individual Superiority

Lesson 4.1: Individual Efficiency Management

Lesson 4.2: The Principal Standard

Lesson 4.3: The Teacher Standard

Lesson 4.4: The Principal Professional Ethics

Module 5: The Involvement of the Stakeholders

Lesson 5.1: Promoting School Accountability

Lesson 5.2: Networking Management and Education Alliance

Lesson 5.3: Maintaining Sustainable Relations and Cooperation with Stakeholders

Module 6: School Inspector

Lesson 6.1: Inspection and Evaluation System

Lesson 6.2: School Self-Assessment

Module 7: Professional Development

Lesson 7.1: Information Technology in Education

Lesson 7.2: English for Professional Communication and Research

Module 8: Educational Research in Education