1.   Vision

      A Center of Excellence in Teacher Education, Professional Development and Research.

2.   Mission

      Promoting 21st Century Teaching and Learning and Continuous Professional Development of Cambodian teachers, Education Leaders and Researchers.

3.   Core Value

     In order to implementation of the NIE Strategic Plan 2021-2025, NIE will be guided by the following core values:

Quality: NIE strives for providing inclusive and equitable quality education and training and the opportunity for lifelong learning through the provision of curricula and academic programs and trainings that are in line with teacher professional standards and 21st century competency. With quality at the center of the Institute, NIE contributes to Cambodia’s school vision as an educational center ensuring high-quality education for all and produces teachers with capacity, conscience and professionalism. The Institute, by extension, produces students with both hard and soft skills, good attitude, emotional intelligence, and high-quality national and global citizens who actively participate in national and global development.

Integrity: NIE is committed to the principle of transparency, accountability, discipline, honesty and high professional ethical standard in all our activities. NIE’s name and reputation and the quest for excellence for our students are always at our front.

Excellence: NIE’s commitment to excellence impels both the institution and individuals to consistently strive for her roles as a higher education institution providing teacher education and the historical and traditional role as a teacher training institution. The commitment to excellence touches all aspects of the Institute from academic programs, PRESET and INSET trainings to recruitment, student services, campus environment, management and leadership, daily operation and community service.

Innovation: As an innovative Educational Research Center, NIE strives for evidence-based application, the use of technology and 21st century educational competency practices. NIE strives to redefine standard of excellence in order to stay relevant and constantly improve our quality.

Equity: NIE is committed to the principles of impartiality and respect for diversity and different believes. This value help nurture an institutional culture of providing opportunity for educational excellence to all regardless of their starting point.