Upper Secondary School Teacher Training Program (Bachelor +1)

at the National Institute of Education


Upper Secondary School Teacher Training Program (Bachelor +1) at the National Institute of Education is designed based on certain beliefs and orientations, conceptions of learning, and demands of the digital society. An eclectic philosophical approach, particularly a blending of the Progressivism and constructionism philosophies, is employed.  We believe that a multi-disciplinary curriculum that emphasizes general skills in early stages and professional skills and practices in later stages instills a strong theoretical and conceptual foundation in the learners and provides them with adequate opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills in real working conditions. This program also equips teacher trainees with the foundations in both concepts and theories to provide them with sufficient opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in real practice in classrooms.

  • Vision statement

The vision of this Upper Secondary School Teacher Training Program (Bachelor +1) at the National Institute of Education is to produce Upper Secondary School teachers with 21st century skills, professional knowledge, professional skills, codes of conducts, professionalism and continuous professional development to contribute to sustainable development of a society of knowledge and harmony.

  • Purposes

This program aims at:

  1. Producing qualified and moral Upper Secondary School teachers and
  2. Producing educational researchers who develop, implement and assess students professionally and ethically.
  • Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

After completing this program, teacher trainees will to possess certain competencies such as knowledge, skills, personal excellence, morality, professional development and life-long learning.

  • Number of credits and subjects to be learnt

This program consists of 43 credits in which 1 credit equal 15 learning hours and teacher trainees are required to spend 1-year learning with the foci on 4 main packages such as Education Studies (20 credits), Curriculum Studies (15 credits), Foreign Languages (2 credits) and Practicum (6 credits) together with the other 2 packages that teacher trainees do not get credits (Teacher Professional Code of Conduct-Educational Administration and Arts-Khmer Culture).

  • Assessment criteria

Teacher trainees are declared to successfully completed the program unless their score is 50 out of 100 or GPA 2.00. If their score is lower than 50 or GPA 2.00, they fail the course and they are not awarded the certificate, but they can go to teach at their assigned school and be evaluated by their respective school management and teacher trainers of the National Institute of Education next year. If their evaluation is good, they will be awarded the certificate the following year.